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Oh my goodness, how possibly am I going to pick??? this is maybe our best session yet both the process and the result were great! thanks for capturing all of us.--Amanda

Love them all! They're beautiful--Serena

These are great!!! You do wonderful things with our craziness--Sara

these are amazing! The girls look beautiful- thank you!--Christine

Oh my gosh, I love them all! I've been through the gallery like 20 times at least. Thank you!!-- Sarah

"the prints actually came yesterday already! And they look even better as prints! Thanks again". --Beth

I love the whole collection! You did such an amazing job! I was so excited to get so many good ones of my son as he is usually not very photogenic. --Kristine

We love the pictures! I showed them to some family on Halloween and they were all commenting on you capturing Amery's "signature" look:) --Stacia

I can't believe you got what you got, despite the mood that day. As usual, great work!! I love all the colors!! --Sara

The more I look at them, the more I love them :-) Thank you!!--Brea

I love them of course! Since this is our third time together I felt much better about the process and optimistic about the outcome and it did not disappoint! The boys had fun, they even admitted it and still talk about how the time was "so short"! --Amanda

Michele, these are BEAUTIFUL! Thank you, thank you, thank you for your amazing work.--Lauren

Wow - watching them at work with tears in my eyes. I just love them. Thank you.....It is going to be a hard decision! --Sara

I love them, Michele! Thanks so much for all the time and effort you have put into them-- you made us look GOOD! --Julia

Utterly amazing what you get from these sessions! What I thought was a cluster turned into beautiful shots of the family. Somehow you managed to delete out the truly sillies and photo bombs with the bunny ears and get great smiles and genuine moments. The boys had a great time and you always make it fun and less stressful on us adults :) Thanks again for another year of success!! -- Amanda

.... i just cried as i looked through the photos. excellent!!! thank you for capturing these three so perfectly. --Sara

As you know I struggled narrowing my favorites down as well, so I had to buy all of them! You're a rare and gifted talent Michele. Thank you so much for captureing the spirit in my kids. --Jolynn

The pictures that Michele took our our family are so beautiful they bring me to tears! --Julie

YEAH!!! These are awesome! I'm always suspect of how they're going to turn out with the boys being so active. They're wonderful. --Amanda

My husband is not a man of many words or easy toward spending money. However your photos of our children prompted a response I'll never forget. After viewing the slideshow complete with music I asked if he liked his Christmas girft. He responded that its the best gift he's ever gotten. --Margaux

Thank you so much Michele! I love every single one of the pictures that you have ever taken of our family, and have learned from experience that I could never choose just a few!! --Amanda

I just wanted to tell you how happy we are with the finished product. The enlargements are gorgeous and the keepsake CD box is lovelier than I could have imagined. Thank you for bringing everything by as well, we truly appreciate it. It has been wonderful working with you and hopefully we will work with you again in the future!--Sara

OMG Michele! The photographs you took are brilliant!!!! You are fantastic!!!! I can't thank you enough and I can wait to pick out a few pics for her announcement.--Beata

Thank you so much!! The pictures are amazing!!! We absolutely LOVE them! We can not wait to work with you again. Thank you again-- I can't tell you how thrilled we are with the pictures!--Jesse

They are fantastic!!! Thanks Michele! You do such a great job every time! --Melinda

Thank you, thank you, thank you! You got some amazing shots of the girls! I am very impressed, I am amazed that you were able to get such great ones with them in constant motion! You will be highly recommended to anyone I know who wants photos done!! --Emily

You always manage to capture the personality of our family in the candid’s, and the portraits you did of the girls are simply flawless. Now I know why they say a picture is worth a thousand words. Thanks so much Michele the pictures are wonderful!!!--Janice

LOVED them. My husband told me to tell you how awesome theywere -- unique composition, great expressions, and that you caught thekids "true selves" -- including their crazy interaction.--Beth

The photos are awesome!!. My husband and my mom loved them as well. They both said one of the photos you took was their all time favorite of any of my kids ever.--Cristina

I was so excited to see the slide show. I am sure that you hear this all of the time, but I absolutely love them. We have never had much luck with photos before and I am thrilled.--Kelly

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